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Plans are being drawn up by the parish of Blackpool, the Glen and Ballyvolane, along with Cork City Council which will see the complete refurbishment of St. Brendan’s Church in The Glen along with a large development of affordable housing, a new community centre, and significant landscaping and park work to the surrounding area.
The church has suffered badly from corrosion and wear and tear and is now in need of pretty urgent repair work, particularly to the roof structure. Along with this, the large area of open space surrounding the church is earmarked for affordable housing development and a significant community centre. The new development will be designed to surround the church on three of four sides in order to change its now isolated location.
A masterplan has already been drawn up and exhibited locally. With Cork City Council onside, the planning process should be a harmless enough affair. From the plans I’ve see, the new developments will be modern in design and look like they’ll add significantly to the area.

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