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Did a fair old walk around the city, wish I’d brough my camera with me to take a few snapshots of what’s going up around the city centre.

– Jury’s Hotel is progressing nicely. The hotel itself, the apartment building (I presume) to the East, and the wedge shaped building in between (apartments again) are all up, with another building (at first I thought it was an escalator!) going up behind the apartment building. The Weir Bar on the river (obviously) is a nice spot for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

– The scaffolding has come down on half of the Jacob’s Mill building. Pity.

– The breast check clinic on Anglesea St. flew up without me noticing; does anyone have any images of what it’ll be like? Looks fairly ordinary so far. That area is certainly being built up between this, the Copley St. developments, the civic offices, and of course the Elysian isn’t too far away.

– There’s a new development in progress on McCurtain St., just across from St. Patrick’s church. It seems they’re retaining the facade – does anyone know anything about the plans?

– Another one that snuck up on me – the development on Western Rd. on the site of the old greyhound track. I presume it’s part of UCC, does anyone know? Again, speaking of areas that became built-up all of a sudden.

– Aoife Landers pub is being reopened as Market Lane restaurant. No major external changes, but worth noting as another notch in the rejuvenation of that end of Oliver Plunkett St.

– The former paint shop on the corner of Parnell Place and Lower Oliver Plunkett St. seems to be undergoing major renovation too. Hopefully they’ll retain the windows on that one, I always thought it would make a very nice cafe/restaurant/pub.

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