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@jungle wrote:

The reason it’s in the state it’s in is because a number of years ago some of the masonry came off one of the buildings in Washington St during high winds and killed a pedestrian. After that the neighbouring buildings were inspected. Most had to be re-roofed or have some brickwork replaced, but Mannix and Culhane was knocked above the first floor. It was in a poor condition before that.

They applied for planning permission a number of years ago, but it was refused (the proposal was awful). There’s also an issue of including some of the neighbouring buildings that have sitting tenants with fixed leases.

I’m pretty sure the Mannix & Culhane building pretty much burnt down, hence the missing upper storey. The masonry fell off the roof of a building further down Washington street near enough to the Washington Inn, twas just before the Millenium (just after Christmas 1999)

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