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@jungle wrote:

Objecting to “high-rise” just because of its height is senseless, but as with every development, questions need to be raised about whether the transport network can cope, whether the sewers can cope etc.

However, that part of the straight road should be pretty straightforward, once the facilities are in place. The problem is that there are traffic problems round there and that does give CSD legitimate grounds for an objection. Don’t get the transport right and, the consequence is…well, Dublin…

It’s about time that someone from one of the councils stood up and said that Bus Eireann are hampering good planning and balanced development in Cork.

The problem here is that a QBC / Green route was planned from Ballincollig to the city.
The Straight Road was nearly wide enough at it was to allow for a dedicated bus route, and it had great scope to be widened by a few feet at the Lee field side (if needed)
Now the geniuses that run our city allowed for the road to be narrowed, with 10 inch high footpaths on both sides of the road thus ensuring that a bus route cannot run independently of the private traffic without redoing the entire resurfacing job again.
I really wonder would, or could CSD object to the Coca Cola site if any thought was put into proper planning or future public transport?

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