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😮 However I have spent last Friday and today on site in the vicinity of the Kingsley Hotel and to see contractors laying a new road on the Carrighroane Straight that is narrower than the existing road, with no provision for a Green Route / QBC, with this road ripe for high density developments lends me to the opinion that the CSD were right all along and that planning in Cork is now nothing more that a sick joke.[/QUOTE]

This area is NOT ripe for high density developments as it is THE most important green belt area in the greater Cork area. Quite a large portion of this area will pass into Council ownership in the coming years, with the strict rule that it is to be developed into a park.

The major area for development in this region (Ballincollig/Ovens) is now well served by a dual carriageway connection to the city centre.

The Lee fields and the straight road are key to the provision of amenities. I for one am extremely happy that this road is being narrowed.

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