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@jungle wrote:

I hate to keep banging on about this, but there’s no city bus service there. That just becomes 120 more cars to add to the traffic mess down there in the morning.

Do you think we’ll ever learn to put in the transport infrastructure first and then put in the developments…

I feel I have been the most outspoken critic of CSD on this website.
As I mentioned in the past, to my horror (at the time), my parents live in Wilton and have supported CSD since they were formed.
I absolutely hate the Victoria Mills complex and feel those responsible for allowing it through planning should be fired and banned from ever working in any planning department again, but I put this white elephant down to a one off mistake.
😮 However I have spent last Friday and today on site in the vicinity of the Kingsley Hotel and to see contractors laying a new road on the Carrighroane Straight that is narrower than the existing road, with no provision for a Green Route / QBC, with this road ripe for high density developments lends me to the opinion that the CSD were right all along and that planning in Cork is now nothing more that a sick joke.

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