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Its an absolute sickner what has happened to Cork Airport in the last year, the board of directors should log on to and check out Shannons list of destinitions compared to Cork. This year we have to include Cargo flights on Arrivals to make up the blank spaces. Yes the old terminal was smelly and dated but now we are so expensive in our ivory tower that low cost carriers dont bother using the airport.Easy Jet ,BMi and Czech all gone. Aer lingus are back to there old ways at screwing pas during peak times while cutting daily London Flights since last year. What is to happen to the old terminal why not as Ryanair wanted make it there low cost base ,at present its ramp is only serving corporate jets which is great value to the people of Cork who are paying for there new termainal.

I agree with your general sentiment but just want to make a few factual observations on your post…

Cork has many scheduled and chartered destinations that Shannon does not have
Cargo flights are displayed on the screens due to integration of older legacy systems
Easyjet left because Ryanair bullied them out of it, and immediately after Easyjet left they cut their capacity on the Gatwick route. Now they are trying to bully Aer Arann off the Dublin route.
Of the other two airlines you mentioned… CSA aren’t low cost, and BMi had only a limited presence, BMI Baby are still operating Birmingham and Manchester. Incidentally, when CSA started in Cork, the Prague route was the first proper Central/Eastern European route from Cork. When they left Aer Lingus had started flying to Prague, also Malev to Budapest, Wizzair and Centralwings to 5 cities in Poland. This really diluted CSA’s loads.
Aer Lingus often adjust schedules on the LHR route between winter and summer, but you may have noticed they actually offer increased capacity on some flights now, using a larger aircraft on lunchtime and other flights.
Ryanair wanting to use the old terminal is a very complex situation, suffice to say it’s neither likely, practical or economically possible at present. The old terminal needs substantial renovations to bring it up to standard, while the new one has excess capacity available. Ryanair have a subsidised marketing deal with Shannon, so they’re not going to go competing with themselves out of the nearest airport. All the talk is just to piss off the DAA people. Also, terminal capacity in Cork isn’t the main problem. There isn’t enough parking space for aircraft still, resulting in corporate jets being turned away on occasions. The capital expenditure needed for these works is still dependent on the DAA (the owners) and there’s fat chance of that coming through while the current situation prevails.

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