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@PTB wrote:

The Enviromental research institute came across awfully in thos photos. It looks like some kind of dilapidated soviet apartment block towards the end of the building.

Another question. Do these buildings go on to the RIBA longlist for the Stirling Prize.?

When the tourists flock in their droves to witness the architectural gems of Cork that have won awards, let’s hope they do not start with that award winning gem our City Manager, Joe Gavin describes as a beautiful “gateway and landmark”:o site into Cork City i.e. Victoria Mills.
If they do I suspect they may jump on our world class public transport system, go to Cork International Airport, use one of the many airbridges to board their transatlantic flight without getting soaked to the skin, and HIGHTAIL it out of here.
p.s. The ERI looks worse in real life, had to go to a meeting there 3 weeks ago…a real eyeopener!:eek:

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