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@kite wrote:

Multiple applications indicate that the original proposal was flawed and justifies the existence of anti apartment groups such as CSD

groups like teh CSD are entitled to their opinion of course but i agree in that their referring to 3-5 storeys as high rise is plain silly. I am not sure if they are anti high rise or just anti silly development (as the planners in Cork do constantly get over ruled by Bord PLeanala for making silly conditions and granting silly planning with no consistency).

One of the people who has some vague say in the running of the city Cllr Jerry Buttimer is associated I think with the CSD and he is anti urban sprawl but also anti high rise. Go figure.

If the CSD offer alternatives to the developments then fair enough but if we keep stopping developments being over 3 storeys then the city sprawl will continue and the green green grass of home will no longer exist.

Docklands represents a superb opportunity for a precedent of 6 storey tastefully done buildings. Just like many other major capitals in Europe, Germany being a perfecct example.

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