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@malec wrote:

There are some developments going up which I haven’t a clue about and haven’t been able to find any renders. Could someone post them if they have any?
The first set of pictures is the new Breastcheck facility at the end of the South Terrace, Long overdue.

Not sure what this is, but I reckon it may be student accom, associated with St. Johns College at rear of the site.

There are serious issues here. I believe, CCC have stopped the developers from continuing with their much altered plans, but someone may be able to clarify this further.

Watch out for this one. Expect a spectacular planning application within the next month or so. The quay roadway is to be widened by CCC and the rest of the site is in the hands of private developers…again, expect big plans soon. Also, refer to the post immediatly previous (by Kite) which, I believe is referring to part of this site

I’ve put some details about the above pictured developments in the quote above.

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