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@PVC King wrote:

Thats for sure

CCC should have made it very clear by including this location as an objective of the development plan to link a conference centre to the main transport hub in the City.

Copy of City Manager, Joe Gavin’s reply to CCC:

Regarding the matter of an Exhibition Centre in Mahon it should be noted that such a proposal had been put forward some years back. It was subject to an agreement being negotiated and in default of this and the Trade Centre not proceeding, the developer was to pay the sum of €6,094,742 to the Council.

With changing trade practices and the introduction of sales by internet, the value of a Trade Centre came into question. Rather than abandon the project in its entirety the Council over the past while considered the possibility of securing the provision of a Conference Centre as opposed to a Trade Centre in Mahon. At the same time the Council were exploring the provision of a Conference Centre at a site closer to the City Centre.
Last year the Council included as an objective in the North Docklands Area Plan the provision of a Conference Centre at Kent Station.
It is my view, at this stage, that a Conference Centre rather than a Trade Centre is what we should seek. It is also my view that this should be provided within easy reach of the City Centre.
The time has now come when we should decide that a Trade Centre in Mahon is not viable and arrangements should be made for the developer to pay over the sum of €6,094,742 to the Council. This could go towards the provision of a Conference Centre.
Joe Gavin 10-4-07

😮 Reminds me of that Guns ‘N Roses song about Rock & Roll decadence in LA;
“I just found a million Dollars that someone forgot”
😀 Cork puts GNR in the ha’penny place as in Cork it is more of;
“Hey guy’s, I just found 6 million that we forgot about for 9 years”
😮 What a city, what a show, what Councillors, WHAT A JOKE!!

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