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@theblimp wrote:

I’d always been under the impression that the penalty to OCP was not just the money, but they also had to hand back the land in question to CCC !!????!!

I think that the original plan by OCP was for a ‘convention’ centre and that Mary Harney (Minister for Trade at the time) agreed to support it substantially. Plan was that a bunch of Cork-based companies would display in there when other multi-nationals were coming over looking to invest. Sounded a daft idea at the time. Mary thought the same soon after and pulled out. OCP tried to re-jig the thing as an events centre but the site was too tight, too far out of town, and had too many issues concerning traffic management in the immediate area. Furthermore I understand that Clear Channel (now Live Nation – major international venue operators) took one look at the site and headed off pronto

As posted last week, the City Manager, Joe Gavin is now to provide a 12 million euro carrot for a 25% share to any party interested in providing an event centre.
The entire footprint suggested by Mr. Gavin for the centre is two and a half acres. Is this going to be big enough?
Wonder if any foreign developer e.g. from Dublin etc will have a snowballs chance in hell of getting their hands on that loot?:eek:

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