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Hi Kite – 2 images attached: one is of the arena itself. From what I understand it was to be ‘theatrical layout’, as in stage at one end, banked seating running back from it, with ability to clear all of ground floor to leave 100,000 sq ft+ of exhibition space. Capacity would have been up to 10,000 seated, but initial installation was proposed at 6,500.

The other image shows one of the many rough site layouts done. Main arena is on the left, the MAS arena is Munster Agricultural Society and would be a 2,000+ ‘Green Glens’-type set-up. Combining both would have allowed a lot of options for various events/exhibitions/etc.

Who proposed these plans, was it Howard Holdings?
How come Gavin is so committed to Horgan’s quay, surely the proposed water street bridge would make the marina very accessible from the train station?

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