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Urban golf courses are strange beasts; The Royal Dublin is probably the only the only urban golf course in terms of proximity to a City that I know of that possesses a sense of non-urban calm. There is no doubt that increased densities sap the amenity value from golf courses and the lengths that Elm Park Golf Course went to to object to the adjoining Elm Park development were quite notable. In contrast the Milltown Club in Dublin 14 has been surrounded on all sides for 20-30 years and is one of the most popular clubs in the city.

I always feel that if you want real golf go to the controversialOld Head course or Doonbeg or Lahinch or Woodenbridge. The attraction of having a golf course in an urban area is that whilst urban amenity is being ever eroded you have a peice of the country in the city, you can leave the car in the carpark after a few pints and get a cheap taxi or walk home. Should a remote site with two courses be offered you have to ask is it a good exchange, the only grounds I can think of would be if the current course was inadequate to cater for members to play at the current time.

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