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@Pug wrote:

Developers have applied for a 5 storey building with 65 apartments and 104 spaces at the former Dunmahon Esso Station in Douglas. I expect local residents will take a close look.

My parents live pretty close to the development. The first they heard of it was a letter from Cllr Terry Shannon saying that he was going to fight it on their behalf. Not a word of why it should be fought.

The design actually tries to take into account the concern of local residents. The 5 storey portion is in the middle and it tiers down so that the edges would not be much higher than the roof apex on a 2 storey house.

My parents are not opposed to the development in principle, although, my mother was concerned that the drawn builing didn’t look like it could fit into the site (My father was also amused that the Douglas Rd looked as wide as a motorway in it).

Unfortunately, when councillors like Cllr Shannon adopt the position of the people’s champion, the onus is going to have to fall on developers to liaise with local communities during their design process. If locals had been made aware of the development and seen the developers talking to them, such political oppotunism might have some chance of being stopped.

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