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yes, planner Ronnie McDowell issued a refusal based on the following reasons (essentially the plans got hammered on all fronts, the most obvious being a complete lack of proposals for the redevelopment of Kent Station)

Makes you wonder what the architects/designers were thinking, If CIE were involved in any of this application, serious questions should be asked as to how they even managed to put this application in? Surely for this magnitude of project, pre planning should be done over and over until the project is a shoe-in at planning application time.

As detailed above the development is fundamentally unacceptable in principle given the lack of a comprehensive approach by the applicants / landowners to the redevelopment of the entire strategic Kent Station/Horgans Quay lands. In addition as outlined there are serious design issues within both sub-areas which cannot be rectified under this application.

In summary the proposal is unacceptable for the following reasons:-
1. Failure to adequately provide for the design for a new Kent Station and Square and the associated infrastructure necessary for this new city quarter;
2. Failure to adequately provide for a New National Road and appropriate network of streets and routes;
3. Failure to provide an appropriate urban grain or to adequately relate proposed ground levels to existing levels on Horgan’s Quay and adjoining areas;
4. Failure to provide a high quality public realm and any public open space;
5. Failure to provide the Quayside Amenity Area in any form on Horgans Quay;
6. Failure to conserve the Goods Depot (Protected Structure) in an appropriate
7. Failure to provide pedestrian linkages from the development to the City
8. Failure to provide appropriate transportation and traffic management due to
lack of comprehensive approach;
9. Tall building unacceptable as a matter of principle due to location and scale;
10. The general building height is contrary to the development plan;
11. Unacceptable impact on views and prospects of Montenotte / Tivoli Ridge, St. Luke’s Townland and Church, Grattan Hill Area of Special Character;
12. Failure to show how Social and Affordable Houses can be properly provided on-site;
13. An unacceptable road junction onto Water Street and which will require to be relocated northwards which is outside the site boundary.

The principle of a phased redevelopment of the Horgan’s Quay / Kent Station lands is fully supported by the planning authority. However in any possible reapplication the onus will be on the applicants in conjunction with the landowners to submit an urban design masterplan to the agreement of the planning authority for the entire Kent Station / Horgan’s Quay landholding.

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