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kite wrote:
I’m not 100% sure of the dates as I am not in the office today but my recollection is that the final day for decision was Friday (unless a further information request was made before close of business)
Under Section 34 of the Planning and Development Act 2000 planning will be granted by default if delayed other than a FI request by a Local Authority.

The final decision was indeed last Friday but nothing yet (on the Net anyway). I’d be stunned if it gets it with that level of building there without changing the station around. there have been a few applications granted by CCC with 70 conditions so who knows? Not sure how you can grant planning with that much conditions in the first place but what do I know. The planner is Ronnie McDowell who I think also considered the Water St application and took his time over that. The more consideration the better.

AS for decisions being held off so Archiseek couldnt see them, I dont think it worries them that much. I thought it would be interesting alright if they timed it for after 5.30pm on a Friday but we’ll wait and see.

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