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Well it looks shut, and has done for the last while. There was a piece on the Examiner about its absence being missed during UCC Rag Week, though they didn’t elaborate as such. But to the best of my knowledge a section of the back is being knocked and redeveloped as medical suites, including the beer garden. Quite a shame, it really was the ultimate student pub in Cork, though there was a significant falloff in trade in recent times, due in part to the lack of interest of the owners, with this development on the card for a while now…

Permission was granted to Tom O’Riordan carry out development namely, permission for part demolition of existing public house and removal of existing timber outhouses, construction of 12 medical suites over 29 no. ground floor level car parking spaces and associated entrances, roadways and site works with vehicular access medical sites from the grounds of the Bon Secours Hospital at the Western Star, Western Road, Cork in accordance with plans and particulars submitted on 16/08/05; further information requested on 07/10/05; further information received on 04/04/06; clarification of F.I. requested on 26/04/06 and clarification of F.I. received on 31/05/06 Ref. T.P.05/30005

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