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The City Manager this week confirmed that the matter of an area of timber board walk containing a band stand has been raised with him by representation of the School of Music.
The City Manager undertook to examine the location of such a feature in front of the City Hall between the bridges.

Following last nights meeting of members of Cork Constitution RFC at which members voted to dispose of their lands (sports pitches) Cork City manager, Joe Gavin has expressed the view of CCC on the matter in which he states that;
“Cork Constitution Rugby lands are zoned in the Development Plan as sports grounds. It is the intention of Cork City Council that grounds so zoned remain used for sports purposes.
The City Council has no control over developers who may wish to approach sports organizations with a view to buying their grounds for residential development. However, the City Council has made it known to anyone who has enquired that it is Council policy to retain such playing fields for their current zoned use.
Representatives on behalf of Cork Constitution Rugby Club have been advised that the policy of Cork City Council is to retain all lands zoned for sports grounds and not to allow them to be used for residential or similar development.”

😀 CCC has 22 Sarah’s and 13 Pitmit’s on Patrick’s Street.
Sarah’s cost the city 17,111 euro each, and Pitmit’s 17,429 euro each.
Who are these lovely ladies? They are the new street lights.

😎 Cllr. Brain Bermingham’s mad cap scheme to unstraighten Patrick’s Hill to make it like San Francisco’s Lombard Street has been consigned to the waste bin by City officials.

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