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@kite wrote:

Irish Nationwides appeal to extend banking hall for a change of use from retail to commercial, internal alterations and site works 33 and 34 St Patrick’s Street, Cork have also been greenlit by ABP despite their Inspectors recommendation of refusal.

There are errors of fact and spurious insinuations in kike’s posting.

This was not a first party appeal by Irish Nationwide against a City Council refusal. It was a third party appeal by a serial appellant against a permission.

In deciding to grant permission the Board had regard to
•the provisions of the Cork City Development Plan 2004
•the limited floor area of the proposed extension of the existing banking hall and
•the fact that the proposed design would result in a significant improvement in the appearance of this important corner building on Patrick Street.

In deciding not to accept the Inspector’s recommendation, the Board had regard to
•the established use of part of this building as a banking hall and
•the planning gain associated with the amalgamation in visual terms of No’s 34 & 35 Patrick Street as a single unit at this prime corner site.

Anyone genuinely interested in architecture and urban design would surely applaud such a decision.

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