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Stakeholders have gone over the heads of city management in recent weeks with approaches to Government members to have the development in the area fast tracked, City Hall are desperate to ensure that the planning of the docklands does not fall out of their control.

Cant say I blame developers for trying to get a move on, its ridiculous – “When” the CPO is confirmed on the showgrounds? If they had done that a few years back when they heard the first mention of “docklands” and surprisngly discovered a large swathe of land occupied by someone else right in the middle of their plans.

Pity Kent Station couldnt be CPO’d as well so something might actually HAPPEN apart from a €4m lick of paint and a fire in the car park, The planners should refuse CIE/Manor Park planning application point blank on the grounds of premature application pending refurbishment of Kent Station – although then we would be left with a victorian barn for 50 years

ABP have given the nod for 72 apartments over 3/4 storeys at the disused site right next to the where the ferry drops you off at Cobh – interestingly the planners wanted a possible allowance for embarking/disembarking area for proposed medium term water-bus service

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