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@jungle wrote:

I think I’m beginning to see the beginnings of a compromise. I agree that the various councils don’t have enough ambition for Cork. You say that Light Rail isn’t a possibility and sadly the main reason that this is so is because there is nobody in the City or County Council who is pushing it. I suspect that the government might be relatively sympathetic if a strong proposal could be put in place.

As regards attractions in the city, I think that’s where my tourist pass idea has merit. Let people spend E15, but give them free use of public transport and reduced entry to attractions. Then, you start building up the number of tourists and other schemes become more viable. The biggest tragedy is that we aren’t making enough of what we have.

I agree with pass idea but I am just wondering how many tourists will be willing to use some of the manky buses currently on the road courtesy of Bus Eireann? Considerable investment is needed in the fleet!

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