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@jungle wrote:

Where is the money going to come from?

Central Government Lobbying,Private Enterprise,Cork Chamber of Commerce businesses when they realise that everyone in Cork is off to Killarney / Dublin / Thomond / London for concerts,sports events and shopping etc.As is currently the case.

I’m assuming that a cable car is going to cost in the region of E30m to construct and suggesting it could be better used elsewhere.

You are assuming a lot about a cable car for 30m or a funicular railway which BTW were built all over Europe 100+ years ago – its not a new science.Cork actually had an extensive tram system which right now are being re-integrated in U.S. Cities yes the car dependent U.S. is re-introducing trolly busses ah la San Francisco.
Even Houston Texas has a Luas line which is being expanded.

You want to spend it on tourism? Try making the Crawford Art Gallery something that people will come to from around Ireland to see.

Is it open Sundays even along with the Museum in Fitzgerald Park ? Is it likely to attract visitors used to The Tate Modern,Musee De Orsee,The Baltic Mills,Albert Dock,Collins Barracks,Royal Hospital ? Hardly.

You want to spend it on the city’s transport infrastructure? Giving the city a workable bus service is a bit more meaningful than spending on something that will transport maybe 100 people per hour up Patrick’s Hill.

Cork has serious trouble getting any money to invest in the city or county, what we can’t afford to do is squander it on projects that are of limited benefit to the city.

You really want to attract tourists to Cork? Here’s a suggestion. Many of the city’s attractions actually lie in towns that are a short distance outside – Blarney Castle, Midleton Distillery, Cobh Heritage Centre, Ballincollig Powder Mills. How about a tourist card that gives people 3 day usage of public transport to visit these places and a reduction on entry when they’re there. It works in Helsinki and Madrid, no reason it can’t be part of the Cork package. It might do a bit more to attract inbound tourists than a cable car, which would probably be unknown outside Ireland anyway,

Exactly most of the county of Corka attractions are outside the city – We are talking abot the city to keep tourists enjoying City atractiojns,pubs,restaurants,shops,hotels,newsagents etc. not send the money West ?
Cork needs attractions,ideas,innovation,excitement not buses and apartments.

I don’t lack vision for what can be achieved in Cork, but I do demand that we are sensible in our approach to our vision. Pie in the sky projects will never attract central government funding because they’ll fail on the cost-benefit analysis. Let’s try to get money that we actually have a hope of receiving.

Sensible ? Would Columbus have found America if someone said it was’nt sensible ? Cork is being left behind and no one here does anything about it – its happening slowly and surely.Visit Dublin some weekend,it has the facilities and is getting better facilities ALL the time in every field.Everey weekend ther is something on worth doing be it sport music or theatre etc.

Pie in the sky ? Was’nt The Eiffel Tower Pie in the sky ? The space needle Seattle ? The Astrodome Houston ?
The Pompodou Centre Paris ? The Funkturm Berlin ? London Eye ?

Cork has massive potential but zero ambition on a european scale not to mention a world scale.

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