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jungle wrote:
I’m sure someone’s thrown that out as an idea every year since I was a kid. The worst thing is you hear people throwing around phrases about it attracting tourists. No tourist is going to come to go on a cable car. Spend the substantial amount it would cost turning the Crawfoed into the best gallery for contemporary Irish art and you may attract tourists (and at worst would have saleable assets if it didn’t work), but building a cable car to attract tourists?


  • There aren’t enough tourists in the city to justify it Chicken and egg situation.
  • There aren’t enough people living on top of the hill to justify it Put tourist attraction up there
  • There aren’t enough reasons to go to the top of the hill to justify it see above.

With this kind of attitude nothing will ever developed to attract tourists or locals to the second city which lags so far behind other tourist centres,Killarney,Galway & Dublin.
Knock gets and Cork loses its U.K. ferry ?
Cork has a fantastic new terminal with fewer and fewer flights and a shorter runway than Knock in the middle of nowhere.Where is the political will in Cork for the loss of BUPA,Motorola etc.Limerick get Thomond,Dublin and Belfast get IKEA sorry Dublin get everything and the attendant problems afterwards.Cork does not have even a concert conference venue whilst Killarney has the NEC.Cork needs to wake up.
Put a great park like Park Guell in Barcelona up there ?A viewing tower ? A big wheel jeebus anything to get interest in the city which I find hard to sell to visitors as you could spend maximum a day seeing everything.
Cork needs more great ideas not the usual “Can’t because” attitude.As for doing up the Crawford forget it sell it for retail or Hotel use and build a proper modern gallery in the docklands.Its a no brainer.

Cork has a vision centre but NO vision.

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