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[*]There aren’t enough tourists in the city to justify it
[*]There aren’t enough people living on top of the hill to justify it
[*]There aren’t enough reasons to go to the top of the hill to justify it

I’m not totally against the cable car idea (or a funnicular train). Lisbon, Madrid, Budapest and Barcelona (and probably many other cities I haven’t been to) have them and they ARE a tourist attraction. Every city needs 5 or 6 brain dead tourist things to do and a cable car / funnicular is always a good one to have. I can’t see why a funicular / tram should cost that much, a cable car might be pricey though.

As for there not being enough tourists – that’s a chicken and egg tbing. Build it and you will have more tourists. I’ve gone on the version in the 4 cities listed above – none were v spectacular but if you are visiting for a weekend you feel obliged to try it. As for there not being enough things at the top to justify it, again this is true but I’m sure there would be coffee shops / bars / restaurants to beat the band from enterprising locals as soon as you opened such a thing. The barrio alto in Lisbon (a thriving bar / restaurant district in a similar place) would be a good template. I admit there are more pressing uses for city funds but we could do worse also.

BTW – re Stadium, this is my main ambition for Cork. It is also, pardon the horrible Americanism, a “no-brainer”. I e-mailed Ciaran Lynch to offer congrats on doing this and he has promised to keep me posted. I am completely apolitical but this is the kind of thing that might encourage me to fire a first/second preference his way come May………….

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