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I’m sure someone’s thrown that out as an idea every year since I was a kid. The worst thing is you hear people throwing around phrases about it attracting tourists. No tourist is going to come to go on a cable car. Spend the substantial amount it would cost turning the Crawfoed into the best gallery for contemporary Irish art and you may attract tourists (and at worst would have saleable assets if it didn’t work), but building a cable car to attract tourists?


  • There aren’t enough tourists in the city to justify it
  • There aren’t enough people living on top of the hill to justify it
  • There aren’t enough reasons to go to the top of the hill to justify it

Maybe, if a lot of the land around Collins Barracks was turned to apartments, but even then you can add to that list the fact that the residents of the hill would justifiably object to a cable car outside their front doors and that it would still be unnecessary.

Out of interest, how much does a cable car system cost to install? I have a suspicion that it would be enough to replace the entire city bus fleet and possibly buy enough extra buses to double services. If this is the best our politicians can come up with, God help us…

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