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im not totally against fianna fail becausee in fairness they have brought this country on alot in recent years but they are way to dublin centralised and no one seems to try and be changing this! luas,dart extension, metro and i could go on and on etc and cork supposodly the second city gets jack only old promises from years ago! the cork politicians should be standing up more in my opinion but there all afraid cause theres no argument as “dublin needs it”, what a load of bollox! There always on about proper panning and thats why cork should be getting the infrastructure now rather than letting it get clogged up more and then paying more for it and saying that should of been done years ago! the way cork is getting treated recently is disgracefull, flyovers on the southlink promised, airport debt (dublins getting a new terminal and metro) and they cant evan have the decency to let cork know whats happening, northern link road, ringaskiddy and again i could go on and on! Closer to home the city manager should stop fussing about the location of the events centre and get it done before losing out to limerick as the city reeally needs this! Just wonderiong aswell whats peoples view on the election, what party do people think would be best for Cork?

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