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@Angry Rebel wrote:

Not a lot for Cork so in terms of concrete and new ideas.

These plans make me cynical about politics, e.g.

– Docklands?! To quote Greg Coughlan of Howard Holdings last week, we’re 6 years into a 20 year Docklands strategy and what have we done so far? Zero!


The Docklands redevelopment will be put on the long, long finger as long as local councilors and officials are taken on all expenses paid junkets to Finland, Sweden, UK, Germany etc to “see how it’s done”. Greg Coughlan of Howard Holdings aired the frustration of many last week in the local press regarding the lack of movement in the Docklands.
As I posted before, the Port of Cork cannot be allowed to hold the city to ransom by refusing to relocate downriver, but as long as the POC have local councilors on their board and Minister Martin appoints the likes of ex Councillor Tim Falvey to the POC board Cork can only continue to move backwards (or at best stand still), this is totally unacceptable.
Has the POC listed building on Custom House Quay fallen into the Lee yet due to years of neglect?

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