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The distinctive and striking building will still form the centrepiece of the development and will act as a landmark at the gateway to the city’s port.

I didn’t realise the port needed a gateway landmark. I would have thought the two funnels of the ESB at the marina, Blackrock Castle, or the derilict Radio Operators training house would have sufficed. What about the Silos? Even the half burnt one is still a landmark. The big Blue “Port of cork” sign at the Bonded Warehouses near the courthouse?
What will become of the Old limestone buildings that sit within the walls of the CIE yard at Horgans quay? Will they “fall down” by accident during the construction process(as has already happened elsewhere in the county to listed buildings or those with preservation orders). The way I see it, this further development of accomodation in what was once a commercial zone serves merely to push Industry away from the City. Fewer ships are making the trip to the City Quays, will we see our quaysides becoming another marina for the wealthy WAFIs and their overpriced toys?(W.A.F.I is a nautical term used by proper seafarers to denote those sailors of the wind assisted variety).
The city is on its last legs as a zone of commerce. Nobody is shopping there any more, who wants to run the Gauntlet of Clampers and towaway, and 3 euro an hour parking when you can go to Mahon Point, Ballincollig or blackpool and do all your shopping for free? I took a drive into town on the Rothar earlier on what should have been the Busiest pre christmas shopping day in the city, yet I experience no traffic jams out of the ordinary. I was able to drive down the pedestrianised Oliver plunkett st without putting anyones life at risk,,,

And by the way, where is the historic fountain on Grand Parade gone? This important structure has served as a useful facility for years where many a young student learnt to swim during Rag week. Also missing is the Traffic Island that was used by many motorcyclists as a safe parking space, The new Motorcycle spaces on Patrick St are too small and are often blocked by Goods Vehicles or Taxis. The one opposite the Old examiner office is downright dangerous, as Motorcyclists have to reverse into the tight space, or reverse out into traffic. btw, most bikes dont have reverse gears….

And while I’m on a rant, whats the point of all the loading bays for commercial vehicles on or adjacent to Oliver Plunkett st when its only open until 11am every day? Most deliveries to the city seem to arrive after that and an orderly que of them will be found after 11am delivering to Oliver Plunkett st, while parked on the Taxi rank on Patricks St.

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