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James Furlong wrote:
I see that now, I did not see that at the time of my posting given that work did not afford me the time to read back over a few pages of posts. Apologies.

I fear the tone of your reply highlights that the argument is lost on you. I clearly point out that criticisms can and should be discussed in a mature and responsible manner. The issue I was disputing is the consistent and sarcastic jibes that continue in this forum. Criticise were appropriate but I understand the title of this forum is Developments in Cork and I hear very little active discussion on how the architecture and face of Cork is developing in terms of buildings proposed. The fact that one of the most important developments to hit Cork city in years, Saint Patricks Street and Academy Street development, was granted earlier this week and it hasn’t even been discussed yet says it all to me really. I don’t know if anyone has seen the revised designs which I believe were influenced by a UK architect firm. From what I’ve been told 19 apartments were lost off the 68 proposed in the revised scheme. My inkling is that O’Callaghan will probaby go ahead with this and apply for new apartments while under construction.

And on Water Street, it was granted. A shadow of its original but granted all the same. I imagine the developers won’t be proceeding with it until the tax breaks come through however so seeing the buildings rise up could be a while away yet.[/QUOT

I am quite certain that I saw a discussion (in English) about the O’Callaghan proposal for Patrick’s Street and Academy Street earlier on this page. Let me check.

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