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That anti high rise development (CSD) Muppet Councillor Jerry “I want to be a TD at any cost” Buttimer 😮 may have jumped the gun of his betters (i.e. the CSD Group) in objecting to the development of the former Esso Garage site in Bishopstown.
This development would consist of, demolition of all existing structures on site,(petrol pumps) construction of a new access onto Bishopstown Road, construction of car park access ramp, construction of a five storey mixed use building ( 11,052m2 gross floor area) over 3 basement levels of car parking (289 spaces), comprising, – 7 units of retail with optional additional use of restaurants, financial services and professional services, Medical and health services use in 7 units, and drop-in childcare facility at level 1, medical and health services use in subdividable units at level 2,3 and 4.
:rolleyes: Hopefully this dude will have a helicopter ready to transport his sorry ass to a medical facility if needed that he objects to in Wilton due to the traffic causing delays to him and his “nothing but a bungalow allowed sweetheart” Mary “full time bull’st*er” Shields of FF on their way to play bowels 7 days a week.
😮 We really do get what we deserve on the fools we vote for!!
Decision due date 9/1/07

How can Jerry Buttimer object to every development when he called for and got a new area action plan for Wilton/Bishopstown which premits height and density? Is this guy on his own personnel agenda and how would HQ Fine Geal feel about objecting to Medical Clinics for the greater community when our health system is under so mush pressure. The only hope is for Jerry to be elected to the Dail where he will have to confrom to party policy ,so I have decided for the good of Cork City to Vote Jerry and put him on the next train to Dublin!

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