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James Furlong

I have resisted posting this for quite sometime but I feel it necessary to do so.

I am rather angered and annoyed by the petty, immature and consistent insults thrown around by members of this website at Cork City Council management. The constant barrage of German references and Nazi-style comparisons has grown utterly tiresome. I refer to two users in particular. Your comments do not add anything constructive to the debate on Cork’s development and as far as I can see have little by the way of relation to architecture. It has gone beyond criticism to nothing but mere insult and I for one have had enough of it. If the 2 users wish to continue such childish references perhaps you could find a more suitable forum to do so. I believe have the capacity to cater for this.

If you have nothing useful to contribute, please do not contribute at all.

There is as far as I can see an awful lot of big developments emerging in the city coming into the New Year. These developments will shape the face of Cork for many years to come. I would much rather these were discussed rather than cheapshots at management in Cork city. I of course believe there is much room for improvement in the council (much!) but this can be discussed in a mature and responsible manner.

Get this forum back on track otherwise you will continue to lose interested viewers, which have been dropping like flies as far as I can see since a certain poster left. I fear I will be among those viewers to depart.

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