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Water St is the 18th now…………………………….!

As for the standards of plannig, its clear that Council’s plough on irrespective of whats legally correct or not…..Planners and Inspectors in the Council or the Board are equally at fault in this respect and the influx of UK / foreign inspectors and fee per case inspectors is so bad that they just don’t know what the law really is.

Heard a good one, not sure its true (but it says a lot about planning in Ireland and how the system treats the public), about a guy who parked up a caravan in the car park in Sandymount in Dublin. The locals start complaining to the Council as its there for a bit and the Enforcement lads from the City Council drop out……..turns out the guy is a South African working for the Board as an Inspector that had come over from the UK and decided against living in a house to save costs………….moral of the story………as Orwell says, all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others!

As for the Fee Per Case Inspectors, just when you thought life gets better when a guy retires from the Council, they reappear as Fee Per Case in the Board!

Seriously, time for a Planning Inspectorate to review the bull that goes on in some Council’s, the only way that these guys will act properly is if they think their crap will stick to their CV.

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