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Spinal Tap
kite wrote:
Christmas Tree Praxiteles??
I avoid St.Patrick Street as much as possible as figures released this week confirm that people are abandoning the City center in their droves due to the blitzing of motorists by clampers, tow trucks, and wardens (some scumbag smashing a window in your car would be a welcome, and cheaper alternative)
Parking revenue from scratch cards DOWN
Revenue from clamping DOWN
Revenue from tow away DOWN
Mr. Gavin (150k &#8211]

Its not just Gavins Clampers etc. in”Pana” its the Shopowners/developers lack of vision.We have some great local shops & pubs but how many mobile phone shops with shopfronts visible from space do we need ? I am just back from Prague where they have Christmas markets,Christmas decorations (yes actual decorations) and above all else athmosphere ! Cork has lots of potential but it always feels like its playing “catch up” and never really gets there.

1. Lack of parking spaces. Why there is’nt a multi-storey at Kent Station amazes me ?
2. Poor choice of decent retailers.No Habitat,H&M,Zara etc.
3. Ongoing re-paving works leading to dead zones for economic activity.Grand Parade etc.
4. Neglect of physical infrastructure,paving,roads outside recently paved areas. Tuckey St and side Streets.
5. Massive derilection and neglect of buildings by owners above shopfront level.Singers Corner,Above Oasis & Burger King,Mothercare etc.
6. Empty shop units purchased by developers for some future massive development which may never happen,
7.Streets leading to Patricks Street “run down” and tacky i.e.McCurtain St, Washington St. & Cornmarket St.
8.Parking and lack of pedestrianation on side streets i.e. back of Easons leading to Quays.
9. Mahon Point.You can park for free take your kids to a film,go to the food court (fast food only) and shop !
10. Customers needs ignored :- If the City’s authorities and businesses developed and maintained the retail core to a high level and listened to its citizens and provided a clean,safe hassle free experience.If the “product” is good enough people will come and maybe even more tourists.Lots of top class hotels -adisson,Sheraton,Carlton etc being developed outside the city – why would its customers visit Cork ?
11.Apathy of business leaders as no conference/concert/sports in city environs.Go to show in Killarney,shopping and concert in the Gleneagle which is popular with lots of people.
12. If City Hall and shop owners/developers keep this up its going to be some job to get people back into city.

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