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Not to break the thread of conversation but I was asking on the Christmas Tree thread whether Herr Gavin, Cork’s friendliest Reichsgauleiter, has managed to get a Christmas tree erected on Patrick’s Street?

Christmas Tree Praxiteles??
I avoid St.Patrick Street as much as possible as figures released this week confirm that people are abandoning the City center in their droves due to the blitzing of motorists by clampers, tow trucks, and wardens (some scumbag smashing a window in your car would be a welcome, and cheaper alternative)
Parking revenue from scratch cards DOWN
Revenue from clamping DOWN
Revenue from tow away DOWN
Mr. Gavin (150k – 200k pa) says, “motorists are becoming more compliant” 11th Dec 2006…..Wake up Mr.G. people are abandoning our city.

So Praxiteles im afraid I cannot help as to whether the guy has stuck a tree in Patrick St., I’m too afraid to drive through to see.:eek:

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