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Cork City Planners granted permission last week to carry out development for the demolition of the existing 6 no. terrace houses and shop and construction of a 3 storey and part 4 storey apartment block consisting of 22 no. apartments, roof terraces, underground car park and ancillary site works at Carmelite Place, Cork, in accordance with plans and particulars submitted on 21/10/05 Ref. T.P.05/30195.

:confused: The Cork City Manager, Mr Joe Gavin in his Managers Order of THIS week is proposing adding numbers 1-6 Carmelite Place, Western Road to the list of Derelict Buildings.

I would appreciate if anyone could answer the following questions for me;

Are these one and the same place?

If so why would they be added to the Derelict Site list now that planning has been granted?

Does the Manager and his planning staff ever talk to each other, or is this a response to the request by City Councillor’s (at the behest of the CSD anti high rise group) to have this planning application sunk by way of the motion some weeks ago to have these buildings added to the Derelict Site register and then taken over by CPO??:eek:

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