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😮 City manager, Joe Gavin’s ambition (promise) that Lidl would be trading on the cash cow northside of Cork may have come off the rails.
One vote by councilors months ago against his plan was followed two weeks ago by another “Nice Treaty” (keep voting until you get the result you want) vote until Mr.G pulled the plug at the last minute when the vote was going down the Swanny and he promised a Part 8 Planning (whatever I want without the plebs interfering) to delay the vote until tomorrow night.
Now however the Councillors with their tongues up Mr.G’s ass are fuming that his bail out to them in the form of the Part 8 process has not yet been delivered to us, and Councillors may not get sight of his plans until 5.00 pm tomorrow, 1 hour before the vote on the matter is due.:mad:

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