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@phatman wrote:

Not to be too pedantic, but wouldn’t being European Capital of Culture constitute being a capital of culture?
And even though the organisational skills of the committee left a bit to be desired, the place really is steeped in culture and fully deserved the acolade.

I am not inclined to think so. A capital of European culture is something that is not “conferred” by anyone on any place.

It is a cultural achievement of a civilisation which has organically come about – as, for instance, Urbino is. At best, that achievement is merely recognised but not conferred. Joe Gavin has not yet produced anything to rival Guidobaldo da Montefeltro’s patronage of Castiglione while writing his Cortegiano – and I doubt very much that he ever will.

The disastrous farce that went on in Cork in 2005 -with its commercial approach to “culture” while the vandalisation of one of the principal monuments in the country went unnoticed by the junta – reminds one of something from Black Mischief and that chaos emblematic of social collapse post in colonial Africa.

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