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Just a question. Are there any cases where the Cork City planning authorities have actually turned down an application because it was too low density and the optimium developmental potential of the site was not realised? I keep seeing planning decisions where a story or more is knocked off a proposed development or the density is reduced. There are a number of receint developments close to the city centre where I think the site potential was seriously under-utilised. One in particular is the new Woodies centre which is a mile from the city centre and on a bus route. Here you have a warehouse type single story retail centre with 3 or 4 acres of surface car parking. This I feel should have been developed along the lines of the Blackpool Retail Park which is a perfect example of getting the maximum potential from an urban site and is very well designed with a lived in feel to it. The car parking is condensed into a multistory, offices were built over the retail stores together with apartments and a cinema. A park was even included and handed over to the City Council. All this on a site even smaller that the Woodies one. I do not see the point in the City Council looking for a boundery extention when they are under utilising the land they have. I think any area within a 2 mile radius of the city centre should have the highest possible density to help to reduce the sprawl of the city into the countryside and give more sustainable living and working spaces.

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