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@kite wrote:

🙂 Lidi’s plans to locate in Churchfield remained intact as the City Manager facing yet another defeat on the matter last night promised to use a Part 8 Planning on other parts of the site to prevent piecemeal development.
The Councillors who opposed Lidl for the RIGHT reasons (piecemeal development) in the face of huge local support for the supermarket at any cost need to be applauded, i.e Cllrs. McCarthy, Burke, O’Brien.
I must admit, I would have been in favour of allowing Lidl in as a stand alone venture, but fair dues to the above mentioned people for holding on for an ideal outcome. 😎

p.s. I can feel another few compulsory purchase orders coming on to rid the area of low value industry in the area.
Wonder if Cork were the Capital of Culture next year would the list of “sponsors” remain the same as 2005 after last night’s vote?

Cork, my dear Kite, was never a capital of culture!

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