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@samuel j wrote:

The judgement makes interesting reading…
If bonded lads still in it would their existing lease terms not apply in maintenance… i.e they should be doing it.

Key yes but do you know or have you seen any proposals for it ultimate use in a docklands scenario..bulldoze away as many warehouses on the Dublin quays were… perhaps they were of not sufficent condition or architectural value ot retain… but dublin quays changed radically.. for the good I Feel as IFSC etc. alive again
I presume you are for the retention and renovation of the Bonded warhouse or do you see it as an acceptable casualty if it was the key to the overall development.

Presume you’ve seen this pdf, it gives a fair idea of size of development needed to move downriver

• The “lads” are still there and the terms of the lease and the dilapidation schedule still apply (unless a “sweetheart deal” was done before or during the HC case)
• Proposals (including plans) were shown in confidence to the CCC planners, and were printed by the EE (in error I believe) with a photo of a FF TD proclaiming “his vision” for the Docks!!
• Bulldozing was not on the agenda back then. The plans submitted were VERY endearing to the existing listed structure of the CBW
• This building should not be a casualty of speculative greed, but should be redeveloped / extended / transformed utilizing the existing structure. The likes of this building will never be built again in the future. (a half trained monkey could design and build the likes of Victoria Mills), :rolleyes: SORRY Monkey, for the insult.

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