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Am I wrong in saying that the Custom House itself, offices etc, of the POC or were last time I was up there have been maintained, hence their use for many a fuction during the 2005 Cultural events.
Its the warehouses that are in a state… If a long term tenant does not comply to lease clauses it can a hell of a nightmare for a landlord regardless of who/she is.
would it not have been the job of the CCC to enforce or would you reckon it was a legal minefield they wanted no part of..
Does seem odd for all to go to trouble of letters of this and that but nothing physically done… who were these designed to placate…..

The Port of Cork headquarters on Custom House Quay is a truly amazing building in its own right.
However the Port of Cork fought tooth and nail last year to stop a takeover of the Bonded Warehouse lease by a London based business man.
😮 It’s an awful pity that they did not give a sh*t about this landmark building before, or since winning this High Court case.
As for the CCC, they would be jailed for incompetence were it not for the mitigating circumstances of their lack of intelligence.

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