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@samuel j wrote:

would you know if that covered the relocation of just say the south jetties,penrose quay areas or included
Tivoli/container berths. Could be wrong but can imagine the Tivoli end move would be very costly.

Marine berthage/docks call it what you will are by nature expensive /due to their harsh environment and use can seem very high if comparable to say road or industrial projects.

Would be interesting to know what is in the lets say 100mil…..

😮 The docks area adjacent to the Custom House Quay (occupied by the POC tenants, Cork Bonded Warehousing), these warehouses really are the “Jewel in the Crown” of the docklands area of Cork and one has to wonder why POC are willing to allow this listed building fall into the river when the dilapidation schedule built into the CBW lease makes the tenants liable for repairs?
Also somebody in CCC should be sent to jail for allowing our heritage fall to pieces like this.

What has happened since this letter from POC to CBW since the year 2000 (other than a change in CCC management?)

24th March, 2000.
Mr. William O’Mahony,
Managing Director,
Cork Bonded Warehouses Limited, Custom House Quay,
RE: Your Lease dated 27th March. 1918.
Dear Mr. O’Mahony,
We received a copy of letter from Mr. John Power, Building Control
Officer, City Hall, Cork addressed to you.
As you are aware, under the terms of the 1918 Lease under which you hold the property there is an obligation on you that you “will (subject as hereinafter mentioned) well and substantially repair cleanse maintain amend and in good and tenantable repair order and condition keep the said premises and all new buildings and works which may at any time during the said tenancy be erected on and all additions made to the said premises and the fixtures therein and the walls fences vaults roads sewers drains and appurtenances thereof with all necessary reparations cleansings and amendments whatsoever (damage by fire excepted) and the said premises so repaired cleansed maintained amended and kept as aforesaid will at the expiration or sooner determination of this demise quietly yield up to the Lessors together with all additions and improvements made thereto in the meantime and all fixtures of every kind in or upon the said premises or which during the said term may be affixed or fastened to or upon the same ..”.
We now call upon you to comply in full with the above covenant having regard to the terms of the aforementioned letter from Mr. John Power, Building Control Officer, with particular reference to the south east corner of your premises and the Schedule of Dilapidations dated June 1999 which was served on you from this office.
We require confirmation from you within 14 days of the receipt of this letter that you will immediately take such steps as to remedy the breach of the above detailed covenant
We are awaiting hearing from you.
Declan Owens

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