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Browser – I agree completely. The airport situation is sadly one hell of a mess. The DAA are none too pleased with Cork given that its fancy terminal is over budget and under-delivers. Given that the DAA are in effect the same organisation who approved and oversaw its construction and completion, this is somewhat ironic. God help Dublin if the same gang are allowed to oversee the new terminal there. The entire airports authority is a relic from times past – too much work-to-rule militant baloney amongst staff, no leadership from management of any sort, and absolutely no interest in delivering an effective service to its customers. Instead, they are an organisation riven by factionalism and one that manages to stagger from one crisis to the next with a complete disregard for the consequences. And no wonder, since the taxpayer is picking up the tab. And with our Minister for Transport leading from the front with his usual mix of bluster and serial announcements of rehashed projects, it is no wonder his foot-soldiers in Aer Rianta (and Irish Rail, Bus Eireann, Dublin Bus, etc) don’t give a damn. It never ceases to amaze me how after blowing 200m Euro in Cork that the user experience there is actually worse than it was before! Only in Ireland. Rant over.

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