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Most people on this forum are generally pro-development but not at all costs. This is an excellent move by the City Council. Ballinlough House / Lovetts is a fantastically preserved historic building – anyone who was ever in it would surely agree it would have been a tragedy if it was knocked and turned into more bland suburban apartments (whether they be 2 storey or 30 storey). Just because a developer proposes something doesn’t mean we should all back it unquestioningly. I live in the Douglas area (not near Lovetts) and I do not have a problem with most development proposals nor would I object to a high rise building in Douglas if appropriately located. This is not a NIMBY issue.

Browser, I was somewhat playing devils advocate in relation to Lovett’s.
I am glad to see that it is now proposed by CCC to include this building on the list of protected buildings in Cork, BUT it was almost (and still could be) lost forever due to the woefully weak (and some might suggest corrupt) City Development Plan 2004-2009, a plan that our partying councillors nodded through without a thought, after all the 2005 city of culture party was looming so I guess they had more important things on their minds?:rolleyes:
On the matter of nimby’s, I live in Douglas, my parents live in Wilton and we, along with everyone else in the city can state “I am not a nimby, BUT!!., the lovely Lovett’s, the lovely Blackrock Castle etc, etc. This is just not good enough; our heritage should be protected in our CDP and areas ideally suited to high rise i.e. the Docklands identified in a water tight plan with little exceptions.
Just look at he way the 2 billion jewel in the crown Docklands was handled by CCC, instead of joined up proper planning we have CPO’s and have “discovered” SEVESO (dangerous) sites 7 years later.
😮 Do we as a city have a hope under the present Management and Councillors??

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