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Spinal Tap

@Radioactiveman wrote:

Honestly ladies and gentlemen, I nearly fell over when I saw them!!

The long awaited bollards/lighting features for Oliver Plunkett have been installed (or most of them at least). Long term readers of this blog will know that it’s been a regular bug bear of mine and others.
They are now mostly installed, although they are not functioning yet (as lights that is, their function as a bollard requires no electricity!). They are basically stainless steel rectangular bollards, around 1.5 metre high with an inbuilt four-sided light at the top. Apparently the lights can be controlled to have different lighting colours/effects. It’ll be good to see them working…eventually for Christmas shopping.

Anyway, if you’re around town, go and have a look at them. They’re grand, but hardly worth the wait.

Passed down O.P.Street last night and some of the street lights are’nt even working and it was dark in parts beyond Seville Menswear.
I am going to open a book on how long the new lighted bollards are going to survive !

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