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I see AMICUS have moved into their new premises on Paul St. (the former Gingerbread House property).
CCC have just refused the owners permission to erect a canopy to the front elevation of this listed and protected building.
While I much prefer this lively, European style restaraunt culture to empty and lifeless streets around there; does anybody else think the level of outdoor seating in the area has reached saturation point?
At that location alone you’ve got Bully’s, the place opposite (the name escapes me) and now Amicus. The room for pedestrains here has now been reduced to approximately one metre.
I recall when the smoking ban first came in, The Newport really extracted the urine by positioning outdoor seating across the entirety of Paul Street!! Pedestrians had to detour through Rory Gallagher Place to avoid them.
French Church Street is also now a bit likea slalom. Weaving in and out of smoking diners. I’m waiting for someone to set up shop directly opposite another restaurant so pedestrians have to turn back when they come to the blockade and find another route!
Anybody else agree or am alone on this one?

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