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BallinloughLass wrote:
Far from ‘perfect sense’ this makes no sense whatsoever. If the developer gets permission to demolish Lovett’s restaurant then it is an absolute certainty that Lovett’s will be demolished and an apartment block put there in its place. It would make no economic sense not to – developers are in the business of making money.

:confused: BallinloughLass, I was referring to post 465 by Kenzo Tange where it is stated that Lane Homes are NOT now to demolish Lovett’s, but are to convert the existing building into apartments.
I don’t now what way you read my posts, but I agree with you fully in that my argument is that suburbs of the city are not designed for apartments, BUT if they are to be allowed they need to be planned in a proper way, green areas, parking, public transport etc. This is not the case at the moment with the city planners pandering to vested interests (developers) who are not to blame for trying to maximize profits.
If CCC continue to promote apartment living in ALL parts of our city (other than the docklands where it will “should ?” work) they need to address these issues otherwise it will be a bigger failure than the living over the shop joke (LOTS)
This type of piecemeal planning by City Manager, Joe Gavin has led us to the point where an anti high rise lobby group is dictating the working of CCC. 😡

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