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just read in the paper the other day that there is a new commercial prop paper coming out available in the property partners premises and just wondering does anyone know where they are located? I also read about the harbour point business park in little island located on 50 acres with waterfront and does anyone know where this is from lets say eastgate, as it is the first i heard of it? Just reading about the point village scheme in dublin too and it really sounds like somethong that should be done in Cork to kick start the docklands ,maybe horgans quay which is geting a bit irratating dragging this on for so long especially the event centre which is badly needed and when it eventually happens it better not be the half arsed one they were talking about and I was also reading about this the other day and it is planned for a 35 story tower but what are the odds we’ll eventually get a max 7 storys or something small minded anyway like water st?! Also surprised know one has been talking about the new development planned for lavitts quay? Fair play to the developers for coming up with something that sounds differant and new for the city anyway!

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