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@jungle wrote:

Answer me this question then.

How are the people who would live here supposed to get to where they work/where they shop etc.?

The best that you can say for this location is that it is on the number 10 and number 19 bus routes, but these are already overflowing at rush hour.

Alternatively, you could put them in cars, but the local road network is already congested (For fun, try driving down Skehard Rd between 8 and 9 in the morning).

We have several hundred acres of redundant brownfield land in the Docklands and large underused sites in central areas (look at Anglesea St for example).

We also have a proposed suburban rail network that will serve lots of bungalows. Near Little Island and Glounthaune stations could support hundreds of apartments.

But, if we have substantial development of suburban apartment complexes, where is the incentive to develop these?

I would be far happier to see 20 or 30 storey development in the Docklands than suburbs rising to a general 3 to 4 storeys.

In my case Lovett’s is not a NIMBY issue at all. My parents live between the Douglas and South Douglas Roads, which aren’t a million miles away, but too far to be affected. I haven’t lived anywhere near the area since the late 90s.

I accept your point about profitability for developers, but that is why we have a planning system. Developers would always try to maximise their profits.

jungle,I agree fully that the docklands is the best place for skyscrapers and should be planned properly with green amenity areas, light rail or PROPER green bus lanes. CCC’s record in proper planning in the city is pitiful to say the least.
Douglas is no different to any other suburb in the city in that it has not been designed to accept in density terms high rise / high density buildings.
The city as a whole has to live with the flawed City Development Plan 2004-2009 that our useless councilors voted in, a plan that allows planning on the basis of “green bus routes” that are nothing more than a line on a map (not on a road) and then washes its hands of responsibility for traffic etc, this is a sick joke.
The CDP states that Green Bus Routes “shall be a dedicated traffic lane where feasible”, otherwise an imaginary lane in the planners head will suffice!!
The city has only 2 options, carry on as we are going and accept apartments in every suburb, or bin the City Development Plan. Which option would be best?
Welcome to planning in Cork according to Joe Gavin

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